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I attended The Woodlands School in Coventry and left in 1983 recieving average GCSE grades in all subjects


Work History

July 1983 - December 1990 (7 yrs)

D.F. Gibbs/ Spicers of Coventry

Electronics Engineer

I Started here as soon as I left school and enjoyed it very much, my older workmates were great and very supportive and encouraging and most helpfull in all aspects of electrical and electronic fault finding and repair. I also used to go out on deliveries sometimes to help the driver deliver and install anything from washing machines and fridge freezers to new televisions and high-end audio equipment, I also used to go out servicing with the television engineers which I found most interesting as you needed to try to determine what may be causing the reported fault to be able to take the correct new parts with you to hopefully be able to repair the television without needing to take it back to the workshop for repair.

After a few years I became more interested in audio and was given the opertunity to spend a lot more of my time with the audio engineer who taught me a lot in this field before he left the company and I took over the audio department fault finding and repairing anything from simple radio's to high-end audio equipment, I also did some courses in this field at National Panasonic/Technics and Sony and our company eventually became the UK service agent for Technics / National Panasonic.

I was also on occasion when the office was short staffed able to priorotize the service engineers runs for the day

But as electronics became more reliable and cheaper the need for repairs declined as I was the newest employee there I was unfortunately made reduntant

December 1990 - Current (28 yrs)

Semi Gas Systems Ltd / MGP Equipment Ltd / Messer Nippon Sanso / Linde Nippon Sanso / Spectron Gas Control Systems Ltd


This job sounded very interesting and different to me especially with it being in the Science Park of the University of Warwick, I thought I may become a mad scientist hehe, I settled into this job surprisingly quickly, they were a company that supplied gas safety systems for all of the most dangerous gases in the world (Hazardous / Toxic / Corrosive / Explosive / Flammable / pyrophoric and these gasses are used in many different industries - Pharmaceutical, University Research and Development, the Semiconductor industry for the manufacture of silicon wafers for integrated circuits, Fibre optics, the Atomic industry, Oil and Gas.

The gas cabinets we manufactured had integrated control systems and these monitored and controlled everything within the gas cabinets to keep them safe for the operators as well as giving the operators a visual indication of the status of the gas panels and gas cylinders of any impending alarms and warnings.

We also manufactured fully automated gas control cabinets that could automatically safely purge the gas manifolds of dangerous gasses with an inert gas enabling operators to change gas cylinders safely, this also helps prevent the chance of operator error which could be catastrophic with a very dangerous gas.

When I joined the company they had no one to repair or modify these controllers for their customers requirements/specifications

The job started off with a soldering iron on a workbench which I soon built up into a full electronics department, The control systems changed many times over the years as did our company name after various takeovers and are currently on our 5th owner, We currently manufacture a range of our own PLC based controllers in Coventry and I build them all from the ground up from drilling/ tapping/ cutting out the bare enclosures, soldering the components onto the bare circuit boards, mount all of the additional parts into the enclosures and then wire everything up from point to point, I then test everything and fill out a controller configuration test report and fully run the syestems before dispatch, I also do a lot of the gas cabinet work including running all of the pneumatic pipework to the various air operated valves and run all of the wiring from the switches and transducers etc to the controllers, I then upload pre-programmed software into the PLC's and HMI Touchscreens.

I also generate autoCAD drawings of my wiring and modification information for our own records as well as providing customers/installers with connection information, I do not use CAD at a high level as I am self taught in this but is adequate for this purpose.

I became the workshop manufacturing supervisor in August 2018 and I do that alongside my electronics job so I am also involved with all aspects in the running of our manufacturing facility as well as helping all members of our workshop and office staff with any technical issues , questions or problems

I completed a Fire awareness course in 2016

first aid course in 2017

Orbital Welding Course in 2019

Health and Safety course in 2019

and I also use equipment such as Lathe, Milling Machine, Grinding Wheels, Polishing Wheels, Linisher, Pillar drill (these all on a basic level)

I obviously know that I am not going to join a company that does the same thing and I fully understand that I will need to re-train and adapt new skills but to give you a better idea of what I currently do to see if I may be suitable for you then Please Click HERE


Electronic projects, Gardening/Landscaping, DIY, Music, Audio Engineering/Remixing/Mastering, Cars, Mechanical work, Automotive bodywork, I have also done a lot of volantary work for the NHS when I have time which I enjoy very much

A link to some of the projects I have done is HERE


I am a very loyal and hard working individual with an attention to detail who just wants to do the best I can at any task I am given, I obviously understand that I will be required to adapt to a different type of job altogether and that is exciting and I really enjoy working alongside a happy helpfull workforce, I hope this online CV helps determine whether you find me suitable


I am happy to provide these if requested and these will be my two ex General Managers and my Ex Production Manager


Russell Scott 17/11/2018